A liquid diet for 7  Days? WTFWIT?!?!?!

Day 3 was great but the 1st 2 days were hell. We could say they were explosively purging but that might be understating things so we’ll keep any further adjectives tucked out of sight for now.

Headaches, body aches and what can only be described as creaking bones. But today I feel great.

I am a big time sugar addict so just cutting the sugar intake down was probably enough to give me headaches and pains all its own.

I had to ingest more than just clear fluids and added Jello and Crio Bru to my regimen. I found organic chicken stock at Costco so I’m going to be relying on that for my evening “meal” with a good old fashioned Popsicle brand frozen sugar water for desert.

Gelatin is a totally acceptable element of the clear fluid stage.

I’ve chosen to abandon carbonation altogether for the time being so the other dark liquids that some liquid diets allow are out for me. No coffee but plenty of Black and Green tea.

At night, I have found it necessary to use Celestial Seasonings, “Sleepytime,” in order to combat headaches and an empty stomach keeping me up, I’ll update in a few days on the success of that.

I started this journey 50 pounds overweight but losing isn’t really the point for now, clearing out the system is priority 1, then going another 7  it will be interesting to see whether I can actually go 7 days this way.

I’m relying on Body Armour which has a little too many B Vitamins when you are drinking 2-3 per day. But I’m pounding Snapple and organic pressed apple juice (no pulp allowed).

Here’s the list:

  1. Body Armour for morning on the way to work.
  2. Propel Fitness Water for in between “meals.”
  3. Jello Cups for lunch.
  4. Snapple Peach Tea for kind of like a tweener snack.
  5. Water throughout the day.
  6. Beef, Chicken or Vegetable Stock for “dinner” with Jello and/or Popsicle for dessert.
  7. A calming herbal tea for sleeping through the night.

Yep, that’s the ticket so far.

Day 3, out.