Yeah, that’s one “y” for every day I consumed a liquefied diet. Also doesn’t hurt that it’s part of my favorite Airplane!┬ámovie montage:

Nothing beats Robert Stack taking down a string of zealots!

But that’s what I had to do: set up the days and knock them down as they came at me.

And going forward it’s all about the weapons you have at your disposal.

Which sounds pretty violent but really, you kind of have to brace yourself for a war.

I used divided paper plates for tonight. But going forward I know it’s going to be a lot tougher.

Here’s a good example of helpful tool:

Microwave Divided Plates With Vented Lids - (Set of 4 in Assorted Colors)
The major difference is that, unlike the picture, you are keeping that salmon filet in one of the smaller containers and then veggie goes in the bigger slot.
Grains or fruit or alternate veggie or whatever really can go in the remaining, SMALL, compartment.
And that’s it folks.
I can tell you, I am feeling full after a few bites and it makes a huge difference.
But you have to keep in mind that this process is about changing the entire approach to food so that impulse eating is removed from the occasion.
Next up, we’ll get into the psychology.
Really, it’s just my own take on thinking about food but psychology sounds more compelling.