Month: February 2017

The Man Who Knew Too Much (Day 7)

Tonight, I watched a portion of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Man Who Knew Too Much. I just couldn’t get it out of my head. Between Doris Day and James Stewart, there is a vulnerability that is upheld by Day’s performance. Not even Hitch, famous for overbearing control of his leading ladies, could mute her natural ebullience. The main characters try to maintain their composure as their only child is taken and their lives unravel. But there is levity too because no matter what occurs around them, they cannot escape humanity which Hitchcock reveals, will perpetuate absurdities regardless of our personal circumstance. I think I have learned to become more of that type of observer as I complete Day 7 of inductance into this diet and get my food foresight working. You have to calm the impulses of your body in order to make it to just the next step, even if it’s just to take a drink of water. I hesitated to begin for over a month because I thought it may be too difficult and the first few days I actually felt as though I had the flu. I vomited and had crazy body aches. But your body adjusts and to the intake by drawing down to a smaller stomach. You still have to own that it is only for 7 days. But you calm down, clear out and start to...

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Vertical Limit (Day 6)

Probably the worst climbing movie of all time, Vertical Limit features the mediocre Chris O’Donnell at his finest. At one point he turns to one of his fellow climbers after breaking his index finger and asks if they will reset it with a quick tug. With perfect timing, a heckler from the audience yelled out, “Pull my finger!!!”  And that was the moment that defined the movie. The entire audience treated the picture as a comedy and everyone was having a good time. Taking a moment to consider your food can also change how you eat. I’ve been doing nothing but think about food and how much I miss it but it’s gotten easier because I’m focusing more on how drinking a glass of water or a small container of Jello makes me feel in the moment. Because I’m not gluttonous about drinking water all day followed by broth and Jello to cap off the day, I’m more focused on how whatever I do eat will effect me. And those effects are immediate. Thinking long term makes sense but for me, the trick is to think about food short term. This container of Jello is enough for right now. And that’s part of what we’re trying to carry forward from the “induction” into “just enough.” To that end, the purpose of these first 2 weeks is to shrink the...

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Magic Freakin’ Unicorn Gum (Day 5)

Today my post title comes from an amazing gift one of my brothers gave to me called, “Magical Freakin’ Unicorn Gum.” Yes, it’s a real thing. Hunger is gnawing at me to the point that I’m actually picturing in my head how this gag gift might actually taste if I pop it open and dump the entire box into my mouth. But I have prevailed. I don’t need no stinking magical unicorns to Went back to standard beef broth today because the Costco “stock” is not great without a generous salting. Coping mechanisms for today included extended audio-book listening (Ready Player One, which I highly recommend; finished it!) and I also agreed with my wife to adopt a one-eyed cat. This is also real. Its name is Molly and it had its eye put out by some unfortunate but unknown circumstance but she is such a cool cat we couldn’t say no. If we don’t rename it some sort of pirate name than I’ll have failed as a human. I like Bonny for Anne Bonny (see Black Sails). I still feel calm today but had a few moments when the vitamins had me wired to blew. 2 more days to go and I’m going all in with the water for the last few days. -Peace for the vegetables (I know there are still some Kids In The Hall fans...

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